• Passion - For architecture, building and construction; for what we do and for the people we work with.
  • Integrity - Doing the right things, being open and honest, displaying transparency, proving to be trustworthy and acting on the basis of a well-informed conscience.
  • Client Focus - Sharing your passion, understanding your vision and needs, meeting your expectations and forging deep and long-term relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.
  • Collaboration - Within our design team; with your design team; with builders, contractors, and local authorities.

Our Services

We have the ability to assemble independent and multi-discipline teams to suit the needs of your project. We can provide feasibility studies, investigations, assessments, design and documentation, approvals, tendering and contract management, and project and construction management in the following disciplines.


We specialise in structural design, documentation and contract administration for residential, commercial and industrial projects including buildings, tanks, bridges and gantries using a range of materials such as concrete, timber and steel.

Our structural services include:

  • Footing and piling systems
  • Precast and insitu reinforced concrete elements
  • Post-tensioned and pre-stressed concrete elements
  • Timber and steel framing systems
  • Portal frames, canopies and support/bracing frames
  • Low to medium rise composite structures
  • Retaining walls
  • Demolition
  • Condition assessment of existing structures
  • Forensic investigation and reporting


We have expertise in planning conception, design and documentation, and supervision of construction in a range of civil areas specialising in subdivisions and municipal work.

Our civil services include:

  • Concept design for project approvals
  • Roads, car parking and pavements
  • Single and multi-staged urban subdivisions and land developments
  • Sewerage and water infrastructure including pump stations
  • Surface and subsurface stormwater drainage and retention systems
  • Water sensitive urban design (WSUD)


We have experience in hydraulic design and documentation of building services including:

  • Sewerage and stormwater drainage systems
  • Water supply and reticulation including supply for fire protection systems
  • Heated water reticulation systems
  • Trade waste systems
  • Rainwater harvesting systems